This is the symbol of power for each Serpentine tribe, as well as the holder of the Antivenom, which counteracts the effects of each tribe.

Tribal Symbol and Connection to GeneralshipEdit

The Staff is a rod of gold with a curling piece of gold ending at a cobra's head at the top. The head contains a small, flat container with the tribe's symbol decaled on it, which houses the Antivenom. The Staff is similar to to meidival Danish Raven Banner, in that the tribe's morall is boosted considerably by it, and they will do anything to get it back. 

The Staff retains some level of intelligence, but only enough for it to recognize the General of the tribe. For, if another Serpentine should beat the General in combat, he will get the staff and become the new General. If it is a member of the tribe that defeats the previous General, he and the former General will switch ranks, with the other gaining the General's tail, markings, and physical form, and visa versa, minus the tail. odly enough, non-members of that particular tribe can claim Generalship, as demonstrated by Pythor P. Chumswoth in his unificationn of the tribes. However, a non-member of the tribe will not be endowed with the markings and tail.